Arnthor Birgisson

Being illustrious in your field is a challenge for anyone, a testament to hard work and talent that with the best of luck can become truly. Expanding what illustrious means, however, is a feat few can even dream of or actually accomplish. Arnthor Birgisson wouldn’t perhaps boast about it, but he has most certainly earned the right to.

Arnthor Birgisson’s talents has brought him to the world’s most noticed and appreciated pop artists: he’s composed major hits for Jennifer Lopez, worked extensively with Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Santana, helped Céline Dion, Janet Jackson add to their already impressive pop catalogs.

And today Arnthor Birgisson’s still helping shape the world of pop music, working with Alessia Cara, Raye, Paloma Faith and Ina Wroldsen on their future careers. No matter the artist Arnthor Birgisson finds a way and direction to take their own feeling of what pop music should be and bring forth the very best.