Jocke Åhlund

He writes the music, he writes the melodies, and if you ask him he’ll write the lyrics too. Jocke Åhlund is a musical package deal, who has the know-how and experience to feel what makes each and every artist he works with special and move them in different directions while keeping their soul intact.

Starting out in the 90s with his band Teddybears, transitioning from punk to more hiphop-rooted electronic sounds and veering past rock with his other band Caesars, Åhlund has often found himself in new and varied situations. His career has taken him to create with disco legend Giorgio Moroder, his sense for striking pop music has brought him into the producer seat for fellow Swede Robyn, for the songwriting singer Sia and chart-toppers like Cheryl Cole and Petite Meller.

Åhlund has keept the punk spirit that built his musical foundations alive by living up to it’s ideals no matter the music he ends up creating. Whether he’s in Atlanta or Jamaica, in Sweden or in the UK, Åhlund finds the musical common ground necessary to bridge past differences and turns it into crossover hits, thanks to the dynamic nature necessary to work with artists as varied as Cee Lo Green, Chrissie Hynde and Wayne Coyne.

In 2017, Jocke Åhlund is roped in to yet again collaborate with Charli XCX, Tiggs Da Author and rock stars like The Hives, and new Petite Meller tracks will see the light of day. His chosen clientele allows him to exercise what he does best: laying out the musical groundwork, to bring the best out of the singers, and writing out those hooks that get stuck in people’s heads.

Co-written by: Jocke Åhlund